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Golden State Tattoo Expo

Tuesday November 22, 2016

Biagio will be attending the Golden State Tattoo Expo in Pasadena, California January 29th - 31st 2017. Stop by the Pasadena Convention Center to visit and get tattooed.  Bookings are available!! Contact Biagio at Biagio's Tattoo Gallery, 973-620-9944 or email . Visit the Golden State Tattoo Website for more info about the show.


Thursday September 22, 2016

On the first day of fall, September 22, 2016,
Biagio’s Tattoo Gallery will be exhibiting the work of Adam Ramirez.  This body of work showcases the artist’s mind as he superimposes his imagery onto the pages of written material.

The exhibit opening will have a meet and greet with some of the artists.  There will be collaborative paintings created on the day of the show.  Everyone is encouraged to contribute to these paintings.  100% of proceeds from collaborative painting auctions and donations will benefit the Leilagio Art
Scholarship.  Food and drinks will be provided by the gallery.  The “Superimposed” exhibit will run from Sept. 22, 2016 -
Dec. 15, 2016. 

On the first day of Summer, June 20, 2016, Biagio's Tattoo Gallery will be having an exhibit opening of truly unparrelled proportions!!  We will be showcasing limited edition 3-D Art Prints featuring the art of Greg Hildebrandt, Keng Lau, and Toni Lopez.  Here is the chance to view 3-D prints without the use of glasses that is created in only one place in the world, New Jersey.  This work must be seen in person to fully grasp how this proprietary process engages the viewer.  The "3-D Art Show" will run from June 20 - September 15, 2016.  Don't miss this opportunity to experience this ground breaking show and purchase your own print.

On the first day of Spring, Biagio's Tattoo Gallery will be hosting an interactive collaborative painting day. We invite artists of all types to participate in this exhibit that will be created the day of the Opening. Artists will pair up with one another to work on collaborative art-works. Submission of an original art piece by each participant is required. Inquire for more details.

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Art Scholarship Fund

Here at Biagio's Tattoo Gallery we believe in the benefits of an artists education. We understand the value of knowledge & creative expansion and how it can benefit individual lives as well as entire communities. Because of such, we offer the Leilagio Art Scholarship to a prospective art student at William Paterson University. Funds are gathered from painting auctions, donations and tattooing during exhibit opening days. If you are interested in donating to our scholarship, please email us.


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